Wednesday May 31, 2017 (@10:33AM edt): “Dead On! As Predicted 2,405.59 Retrace In Progress to Go Higher Over 2418.67!”

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Wednesday May 31, 2017:

S&P 500 ($SPX) trading perfectly here as it should in its current state of a the final cycle in a secular Bull Market!

The big move up on volume last Thursday and yesterday’s pause just under the previous 2418.67 high to go as low yesterday as 2412.19 and trading in a extremely tight range set up the predicted low volume retrace back down to 2405.59 (former support before 2405 resistance was broken last week) Now it’s acting as support.

2418.67-2405.59 = 2434.24 to get through 2430 next.

Perfect action here intraday!

Strongly Consider adding to current long positions



More to come….

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