Wednesday July 19, 2017: “XG Technology Inc. (XGTI) Cross Trend Buy Area $2.08-$2.12 Break Out $2.23 TARGET $3.08+48%!!!”

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July 18, 2017.close

XGTI, recently reported EPS that were record numbers and as a result the issue has rocketed higher up 3.48 % today. The next Cross Trend that will most lkely cause shares of XGTI to break out comes at aprox. 2.23 a share. Once, there the issue should see big volume maybe 50 million plus per day to send it to retrace 50% of its post reverse split yearly range of 4.98 – 1.17 a level that would takes its shares to 3.08 a share a move from today’s 2.08 close of $1.00 or more then 48%!!!

Buy Area: $2.08-$2.12
TARGET: $3.08


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