Wednesday July 19, 2017: “Think trump Admin’s first 6 months has been a Success?!?!… Have You Seen The US Dollar ($USD) Latley???…When It Bottoms at 91.53 the S&P 500 ($SPX) Should Be North of 2,500!”

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Wed July 19,

“Think trump Admin’s first 6 months has been a Success?!?!… Have You Seen The US Dollar ($USD) Latley???…”

the 10 year monthly chart of the US Dollar ($USD) shows it topped at 103.54 in early January 2017 (trump admin took office Jan 20, 2017) and since then has been straight down going as low today as$ 94.40 as the index lost yet another 1%. Why, does the USD continue to fall?… Part of it indeed has to do with Yellen and Co vow to increase interest rates slowly at a 2% inflation rates as she is much more worried about inflation and worse hyperinflation then she is about deflation and worse depression. However, I have said for months and actually now years Yellen and Co haven’t increased rates enough! and worse not fast enough… and therefore as a result have brought back into play deflation and depression just as Greenspan and co did ahead of the Great Recession.  If you don’t believe that is the case. Look at the USD right before Oct 2007 through March 2008 straight down just as it has done since trump and co have taken office and passed zero bills into a Fed that has al ready started raising rates.   The USD chart below says loud and clear the USD that closed down another 1% today will most likely drop another 3% before it bottoms hard at 91.53 its current 50DMA when most likely the S&P 500 ($SPX) tops at 2,502!

More to come….

More to come…

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