SPDR’s (SPY) 30 Min: Creates EXTREMELY BEARISH “Death Cross!” At Tuesday’s $327.85 High…Is A Restest of Monday’s low $322.66 Next???…My Chart Says YES!

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$SPY this news is 10xs more damaging then this past weekend news was that sunk the Futures into Monday AM. Its obvious that they want to he able to fade the open tomorrow sub 3290 if Futures stay where they are or sub 3281.35 of Futures dont. Here’s what ia so interesting and perhaps as Bob Pasoni would say ‘More then curious” if you take Friday’s range of $5.16 and deduct it from today’s $327.85 huge resistance even with where Futures are now you get $322.69 weekly low Monday $322.66.

Heres also whats “Reallly Curious!

The $SPY dropped last Friday from $332.52 to $327.36 on 67,553.423 of its total 87,365,440
Then on Monday after gapping down to $322.66 low on 29,223,143 the $SPY traded from $322.66 to as high today as $327.85 on only 63,477,156 and then on only 58,122,217 more.That’s roughly over 4/1 down VOLUME vs Up ..not too mention the 200/50 “Death Cross!”/RSI resistance 50, upper end of 3 day range is $327.92 today’s high $327.85

Low tomorrow $322.69 retest of weekly low

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