“Look No Further Then GE’s (GE) Just Released On Friday “Kitchen Sink Quarter” or McDonald’s (MCD) & Boeing (BA) Responsible For Over 66% Of The 30 Stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) Record Highs To Know The USA Economy Topped In April of 2017 And Has Declined Steadily Ever Since!”

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Saturday Oct 21, 2017 @7:67 pm edt.

Most of my weekend has been spent combing over General Electric (GE) the oldest and still most diversified and valuable stock on the Dow Jones (outside of Apple added in 2012) 3QEPS release on Friday that would have had to have been better to be beyond awful! The estimate was for 49 cents a share and GE reports 29 cents!?!?! An number so awfiul so bad it amounted to a 11 billion dollar loss over its estimate!

I’m sure most of you know General Electric (GE) is the parent company of NBC, Comedy Central, CNBC, Golf Channel, Discovery Network and MSNBC. And of course light bulbs and its the company with the now old famous slogan that many of us remember hearing in their commecials growing up “We bring good things to Life!” However, I bet very few of you know (GE) has several electrical and industrial enties that across all gamets of business that are responsible for billions of its quarterly income. So, if Main Street is supposedly booming and Wall Street is at record highs those entities within (GE) So Diversified should be as well Right???..So Why Aren’t They!?!?!…So, in what trump and company are calling the best economy since the turn of the century how does the most diversified company on the planet miss by billions!?!?!
Bad management is what all the talking heads on CNBC & Bloomberg and Fox Business all said with straight faces on Friday when (GE) opened over 8% down. By days end because crooks on Wall Street had convinced the general public the worst was over “Hence Kitchen Sink Quarter” good times were ahead for (GE) just like the rest of the USA Economy (GE) had rallied to actually be up!!!
Yeah, right!!!… Micky Mouse and Donald Duck could run (GE) in a good booming USA and a company that diversified isn’t missing its earnings estimate by 29 cents and 11 billion in revenue. It’s because its all a facade and Main Street isnt doing that well! Non Farm Payrolls topped with max employment in April 2017 when the Fed first started tightening interest rates. Inflation has since actually decreased! Meanwhile,, trump via his Twitter continues to tout on a daily basis how the Dow Jones is at another all time high! What trump doesn’t tell you is since trump took office and the Dow Jones is up over 5,000 pts is of those 30 Dow Stocks, Two of them Yes 2!!! Dos! Have been responsible for over 2/3rds of those gains! And what 2 Stocks are those? It would have to be 2 that are the most diversified and represent the USA massive Economy the best …Right? (GE) & 3M (MMM) Wrong! How, about instead the one thats name alone means cheap fast food McDonald’s (MCD) and Boeing (BA) that builds planes mostly huge government contracts. So, in essance all the Hoopla that Wall Street aka the talking heads on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox News made about Dow Jones Industrial (INDU) was actually more then 2/3rds of 22,000 to 23,000 was because Americans are having to eat in record numbers at McDonald’s (MCD) and the USA Government is buying planes aka Boeing (BA) …..

More to come….

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