Former Analyst on the NYSE reveals his US patented CrossingTrends Trading System that over 99% of traders will never know about

Welcome! I’m a former Analyst of the New York Stock Exchange and I have over 30 years of experience in trading stocks.

Being an Analyst on Wall Street I could see there were indicators in stocks that could only be made by computerized algorithms. Over many years of   studying charts I found a trend that was consistent with the algorithms.  I then created my own patented trading system.

In fact, here’s the actual US patent for my Crossing Trends Trading System (CTTS)

CTTS patented trend-lines has cracked the algorithms of Wall Street. That’s incredible!

All of those years analyzing the market has opened my eyes on the best way to trade stocks, but don’t take my word for it.

Here are what other people are already saying about my CrossingTrends Trading system.

“I took my account from $400 to $3000 in weeks!”

~ R.W. | Salt Lake City, UT

“I just cashed out $2k on CLSK today thanks to your recommendations”

~ Richard | Reno, NV

Since I left the NYSE, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help good, honest people learn how easy it is to beat inflation, grow wealth, and earn a second income by trading in the stock market.

For example…

$SPXS Sept 18th Call Options on Sept Wednesday Sept 2nd at 0.23 cents hit $1.05+356.55% on Tuesday Sept 8th +356.55% In Less Than 4 Trading Days!!!


For instance..

A gentleman I trained said this..

“I heard about crossing trends through a friend about 1 month before I mustard the courage to join the group. I was watching the plays from the periphery and was noticing that my success rate was much higher than trying on my own.  At the beginning I thought that this is unnecessary and that I could easily do this on my own but I started losing call after call and my account decreased from 18k to 10k. Given that my cash supply was evaporating I joined crossing trends with the plan to see if I can recoup some loses. The first day I was “shy” and only did a few calls and held overnight. Those calls increased 100% the next morning and I was able to pull profits. The 2nd and 3rd day I was more aggressive and actually was able to take my account from $10,500 to $23,660. I was in shock seeing the success and on plan to make more as time goes on. You might think I have been in the group for weeks and months but in reality I am only in my first week. I was always told as a child that it takes money to make money, a small investment has really gone a long way to make me a better trader. I highly rec this class for anyone who wants to learn crossing trends and in the market to actually make money.” 

~ Moe(Iva)

Live Trading Room

This live chat room is a valuable resource for all skill levels. Normally the price to have access to this chat room for three months is $297 but we are including that today for free. 

if you have any doubt how valuable this is, look at what these people are saying…

“I was super new to the option trading game and wanted to learn more. I was able access to CTTS Live Trading Room were its full of awesome informative people! Ive learned so much!”

~ Paul | Irvine, CA

“Ive been trading for years and saw some of CTTS posts on Stocktwits. The posts were so informative I joined that day! Ive now taken my account from $150k all the way to $450k in months!”

~ Sam | Dallas, TX

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