S&P 500 ($SPX) Bends As It Loses 2438.55 on GOP3 Growth Worries..But Doesn’t Break As It Holds KEY 2407.70 Uptrend Support & Closes Over Cross Trend 4 2452.01 Resistance…Has Its March To 2,502 Resumed?!?!?…My Chart Says YESSS!!!….

Tuesday Aug 22, 2017 @8.22.pm.edt. Well, just another hoo humm Friday and week last week as the trump admin for the 3rd straight Friday showed its final member of its original higher management staff (outside of VP Pence) the door! The indexes reaction was more of a follow through from its all time high of […]

UPDATE: Xg Technoligies (XGTI) Fills Post QE2 EPS 1.55-1.69 Gap Up On 30% Less Volume Extremely BULLISH is it now poised for a fast a fun rerun to its July 24, 2017 2.65 High?!?!?…Our Cross Trend Chart Says YESSS!!!!….

UPDATE: Aug 22, 2017.close XGTI, al though it wasn’t able to get to our $3.08 target from our strongly consider buying cross trend at $2.12 on July 18, 2017 it did go as high as 2.65 less then 4 days later on July 24, 2017 and has also managed hold key support of 1.55 in […]